We all suffer from stress and anxiety from time to time, and this is often a necessary part of life which helps give us the motivation we need at times to get things done.

A little bit of stress can be good for us, if felt in short-term periods, however it can become a bigger problem when it’s experienced regularly. Over time, anxiety and stress can build into bigger issues. Prolonged or regular periods of anxiety can lead us into a spiral of negativity affecting many areas of life. From personal relationships, our behaviour, to work performance and social interactions.

Prolonged stress and anxiety can affect us both mentally and physically. Sleeping patterns can become disturbed, memory weakened, our immune system can be affected making it harder to recover from illness, and we may experience physical symptoms such as a fast heart rate, muscle tension, sweating or nausea. Stress can also affect our mood, making us more impatient and more irritable than normal.

Anxiety can be crippling for some. It can mean not being able to leave the house for fear of something bad happening, stopping you from having meaningful relationships or possibly stopping you from progressing in your career, or even the ability to hold down a job. Through hypnosis, you can resolve your issues of anxiety and take back your life, happiness and gain peace within.

Reducing anxiety through hypnosis helps to balance out the body and mind, which means we can recover more quickly from illness, and cope more easily with stressful situations in life.

Hypnosis helps to bring about positive lasting change, and is hugely effective in reducing anxiety, as well as giving you the tools to helping you cope with stressful situations
Thankfully we are not hardwired to have anxiety, which means that we can change it! Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way of dealing with anxiety and stress. When in hypnosis, the hypnotherapist can tap into your subconscious mind which stores all of your feelings, emotions and memories from the past in order to re-write negative stories that you may be telling yourself, or negative beliefs that have built up over time.

Here at Evolve Therapy Edinburgh, we help you to regain your inner peace, your confidence in yourself and find that connection you need within yourself to learn to love who you are and be at peace with yourself.

Contact us if you need help dealing with anxiety, stress, or any other issues you may be having in life and we can discuss how I can help you.

‘Sara is lovely and so easy to talk to. I really enjoyed my first
Hypnotherapy and Reiki sessions. It has helped me greatly and I’m
looking forward to my next session’