Most of us will at some point in the course of our lives experience a lack in confidence and perhaps doubt ourselves, even if we have previously been a very confident person.

Often in life difficult situations arise leaving us feeling in doubt about our own abilities, who we are as a person and how we value ourselves in society.
Confidence can have a direct impact on how we conduct ourselves, and our success and happiness in life, therefore we should always seek to maintain positive beliefs, and a strong sense of self in order to feel grounded and secure in who we are as a human, and for decision making and progression in life. When our confidence is knocked however, it can affect us in both our emotional, personal and working lives.

It may only take is a flippant comment from a work or school colleague, a message posted on social media, or perhaps a hurtful comment from a family member which sends you into a spiral of negative thoughts about yourself as a person, making you question everything about yourself. Over time this can become overwhelming as we start to doubt many areas of our life, our decisions and abilities past and present, which then impacts on further areas of life.

Hypnosis is a very natural and relaxing state, which helps deal with issues of confidence. Through gentle suggestion in this relaxed state, the mind can focus on suggestions or thoughts that will help you to relax, re-gain positive beliefs about yourself and your self-worth, and to achieve your desired goals.

By ‘tapping into’ your subconscious mind through hypnosis, the therapist can help to re-write the views and opinions you have formed about yourself, to restore calm, increase confidence and build self-esteem.

Hypnotherapy for confidence is a very successful method used for dealing with confidence issues, and many others. It is relaxing and very enjoyable, and you will leave feeling refreshed and with a sense of purpose!