Life Coaching

Life coaching is an effective process that can help you gain clarity and focus if you are feeling lost or stuck in your life or work, or if you are in a place you didn’t expect to be at a certain point in time.

It can also be very beneficial in helping you feel more motivated to achieve, and aim for personal or work related goals.

If you are looking for answers, to gain clarity, re-connect with yourself or perhaps develop your spiritual growth, then life coaching is for you.

I help clients identify their own unique gifts and abilities through thought provoking questions and conversations using a variety of tools.

During our initial meeting, I learn about your current situation and where you want to get to (and it’s ok if you don’t know this yet, as many people don’t!). Through conversation and differing techniques, we will identify any barriers or internal blocks that are stopping you from moving forward such as confidence, self-esteem or emotional barriers, and we will formulate a plan for you going forward.
I aim to help you re-gain confidence in yourself, get out of your rut and help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be!

I enjoy helping individuals who are looking to gain confidence in particular areas of their life or work, those who are looking to change paths but don’t know how, or those who are feeling stuck with their current situation and can’t see the wood from the trees!

Life coaching is even more successful when coupled with hypnotherapy and/or Reiki healing, especially if you lack self-confidence or if you suffer from anxiety. A combination of these techniques can help improve your confidence and help you find your inner calm, allowing you to focus on what you want.

For further confidence building, I offer sessions in Yoga and Pilates working on physical strength and flexibility, which will help you feel more confident both physically and mentally. Or for a full mind-body transformation, I offer a bespoke wellbeing package which is taken over 10 weeks and uses a combination of all of my treatments and physical sessions.

As well as coaching for adults, I also offer confidence building and goal setting sessions for teens and young people.

Sara is always very welcoming and her studio is so lovely and relaxing. I come away from Sara feeling respected and valued. She always listens well and you come away with a feeling of being cared for. Sara is passionate about what she does and has a natural desire to help.
I know I can always trust Sara and she is always professional, accommodating and her communication is second to none.