Movement Therapy

I have been teaching Pilates, Yoga and ballet to a variety of levels from beginner to advanced, for over 20 years to adults and young people across Scotland and abroad.

I offer the following movement classes in Edinburgh at my private Causewayside studio room, to all levels, abilities and sizes! My classes are tailored to suit each individual and I work at a pace that is suitable for each person’s experience or level as a one off class, block, or as part of a wellbeing programme.

Each movement style is effective for better relaxation, anxiety, stress or sleeplessness, and can help greatly with improving self-esteem, confidence and much more!

I work with clients on a one-to-one basis to help them gain confidence in themselves whilst building on stamina, strength and increasing flexibility. In some instances I work with couples and small groups.

As part of my therapy process, I discuss and work on any specific areas each person wants to focus on, such as strengthening certain muscle groups, back pain, or hip mobility for example. Or if you would like to combine therapies in order to achieve a more beneficial outcome we can arrange a combination of all.

I always recommend two sessions per week minimum, as this is more effective for allowing the body to build strength, flexibility and muscle memory. However I am happy to see people as frequently as is possible.
I am also available to teach in the work place for groups over lunchtime hours.


With a strong focus on posture, Pilates helps you to realign, gain strength and improve flexibility in a gentle, intelligent and controlled manner.

Pilates exercises are specific and particularly helpful to support injury prevention and rehabilitation, and are equally effective for those looking to get back into exercise or as a maintenance form of exercise to support a particular sport; for example golf, ballet etc. Pilates can also be extremely beneficial for those who are older and looking to maintain physical strength and posture at a slower and gentler pace with less weight bearing on joints. Pilates really is for everyone!


Yoga is an incredible form of exercise, which not only helps you gain physical strength and flexibility, it also enables you to enhance your mind-body connection through the flowing nature of this movement style!

Breathing techniques, postures, meditation and visualisation allow you to deepen your mental strength alongside the physical. Additional benefits are enhanced energy, better heart health, stress management and improved sleep, to name but a few!


Ballet is a fantastic form of exercise for those who are looking for something interesting and challenging! The benefits of ballet are endless! From improved posture and muscle tone, to better mental health, memory and confidence! Ballet really is great for everyone!
A typical class would start at the barre with a variety of exercises using classical music, progressing into the centre, and finishing with a gentle stretch at the end of class.
Ballet gives you a wonderful ‘feel good’ sense after a class. The combination of music with movement helps replenish your body and mind!

I have done Pilates with Sara and she tailored classes to my individual needs. Despite feeling anxious about participating initially, I was quickly made to feel comfortable and was able to work towards achievable goals. These classes were really enjoyable and made a real difference. I noticed an improvement to flexibility and posture after just a few sessions. I came away feeling de-stressed with a positive outlook and improved wellbeing.